What We Do

We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Do

— Parenting Support

Parenting is not easy, we don’t get a manual for each child and sometimes there are serious problems that our young people run into that means parents need help.  We offer support in various ways, including advice, advocacy and signposting in areas such as school exclusions, social services, housing, SEN and other issues affecting families. Our safe spaces are a great way to get help or just connect with others who may have experienced or still be facing some of the same issues as you.

— Educational Resources

How do you stimulate your child’s mind?

If your child requires extra-curricular learning support, we can signpost you to Saturday School and Private Tutors. Do not wait until it is time for SAT’s or GCSE’s, supplement their learning from as early as possible to ensure that you are giving them the best opportunities for their future.

— Youth Mentoring

We provide mentoring to young people from all walks of life and from different personal situations. We use our experience to provide bespoke mentoring to each young person we work with and the aim is to help them realise their potential by introducing them to new opportunities as well as focusing on their interests, in order to achieve positive outcomes.


— N.E.E.T

Sometimes people need a helping hand taking the next step. P4YE offer a referral service which helps to guide young people back into EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT or TRAINING. Contact us for a free consultation so that we can help to get you back on the road to fulfilling your potential.

— Community Outreach

In light of Covid-19, we extended our support outside of our usual remit of young people. Twice a week, we provided free hot meals and essential items to the vulnerable people in our community, families and young people. During the height of lockdown, we also used technology to engage with our young people. We hosted an online console competition to keep the young people engaged.

— Local Authority Support

Sometimes, even the professionals need support! We are experienced in ‘bridging the gap’, between the professionals and the young person. We are able to understand the language of our young people, but also able to communicate with them effectively. We work on behalf of the local authorities to intervene on their more complex cases or the young people referred to as ‘hard to reach’. We work closely with the young person to find out what stimulates and motivates them, and then work on developments steps.


P4YE workshops are tailored to the audience so that they provide participants with new skills, concepts, information, and a sense of accomplishment. 

There are opportunities for participants to interact and learn actively and we encourage participants to investigate further on their own, while we demonstrate and encourage the practice of using the methods introduced. 

A P4YE workshop is designed so that everyone gets involved so that we create a sense of community or common purpose among its participants.