We engage in a variety of activities with our young people to engage them. Photography, videography, and podcasting are some of the ways that we get the young people to express themselves, learn communication skills and how to articulate themselves. We host competitions both virtually and in person, ranging from general knowledge to FIFA competitions on the PlayStation! We also do outdoor activities such as go-karting and paintball or a visit to the Zoo.

We understand the need to ensure that our YP are positively stimulated mentally, physically, and socially. We engage in a range of activities with our YP to help build and advance our relationship with them. Whether it be football, a game of chess, bowling, or a visit to the Arcades, we ensure that we mix our personal development programme with some fun activities.

We also encourage our YP in giving back to their communities, even if it is just small acts of kindness and time, we reiterate the importance of them having a sense of pride in their community. We promote the need for our YP to engage with those in their community to create a real feeling of identity.

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