Have you ever attended a workshop and walked away from it none the wiser than when you started? P4YE knows that these kinds of sessions take place, so we always ensure that our open communication throughout the session lets us know that the audience is engaged, and they are taking in the information.

Our Case study-based workshops are based on an amalgamation of our direct experiences with young people that we have worked with over the years. The real-life scenarios we provide are investigated by the young people in order to discover their knowledge, dispel any myths, and provide them with the understanding that prevents the harm caused by issues such as serious youth violence, County lines, Child sexual exploitation (CSE), and irresponsible social media use.

Each Case study culminates with the young people deciding who and what they think is responsible, based on their implicit and explicit learning gained throughout the workshops, so instead of a passive, disengaged audience, our active participants are key contributors to our sessions.

We encourage all to get involved by our unique style of delivery, by using technology, role play and a host of other techniques that resonate with the audience, ensuring that the message hits home.

All our sessions are designed with the attendees and the focus area at the forefront. We tailor each session to the audience, with professionals, parents and, YP all contributing. We deliver specifically designed workshops designed to address any issues that pertain to the subject matter. We will aim to get as much information at the consultation stage to ensure that we carefully design each workshop tailored around the needs of the audience.

With the current climate and epidemic of youth violence and the rising issues of contextual safeguarding, P4YE aims to work in collaboration with others delivering workshops to keep our young people safe, as well as empowering the community to do the same.