Education & training

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.

Our development programmes are tailored to the needs of each group depending on the barriers they might face. By giving them a learning experience, they’ll never forget, we help young people develop essential life skills that build their self-esteem and self-determination.


We assist our YP with professional development which can lead to them embarking on a new career, but we are also equally passionate about giving them the right tools to learn and utilise these skills in a practical setting. We avoid the blanket approach of ‘one size fits all’, but rather understand the needs of our young people to ensure that they are engaged in the right areas, allowing them to flourish themselves, rather than feeling unnatural.

P4YE has a range of development opportunities that we can introduce our young people to, and we work with the young person and their family to ensure that they are given the right opportunities that suit all. Our aim is to get these YP into education, employment, or training.

We deliver training courses which will aid young people in their development, with a view to employment, education, or training. We deliver courses that provide young people with the skills to gain employment via courses such as Team Leadership, Business Administration, and Customer Service. Each young person referred to us is allocated a tutor to support them through their qualification on the programme.

We also offer FREE CSCS courses for young people who want to pursue a career in the construction or trade industry. This course also entails valuable Health & Safety Training.

We support young people to gain employment by helping them build their CV, find them work experience, and teach them interview skills.