P4YE In Schools

Providing a Range of Services & Programmes In Schools

P4YE offers a range of services and programmes in schools which aim towards positive outcomes for both the pupils and the schools themselves. This ranges from classroom support to assist the teachers through to after school programmes which supplement the education-based learning from the curriculum by also providing the social aspects of education.

Our service in schools includes mentoring, workshops, advocacy, school support and positive activities for young people aged 10 – 24. P4YE delivers services that are engaging, empowering and address issues experienced by young people, their families, and the wider community.
We focus on early intervention, desistance, and giving young people a voice in order for them to be heard, values that underpin their growth, and the tools they need to realise their full potential.

Our informal approach allows us to discuss scenarios and consequences of actions in depth to provide young people with a full understanding of possible outcomes of different behaviours.

P4YE Curriculum

The students are taught to identify role models, what is a healthy or unhealthy relationship, and to cope with transitions through life.

Content Creation
A creative programme for young people which develops their communication, team-building and
confidence. We cover elements of Photography, Filming, Editing and Podcasting as well as providing
young people with a tangible piece of content to add to their portfolio.

Nike & P4YE Intervention Project
A Nike targeted intervention programme for young people at risk of exclusion and/or anti-social behaviour which looks at their identity through branding and raises aspirations.

Social Media
This programme is focused around the safe and effective use of Social Media. Young people take part in a number of engaging and interactive activities to ensure that they are aware of best practices on the internet and how to know how to keep themselves safe at all times.

All courses are Progress Reviewed

Case Study Workshop Course

Our Terms & Conditions Case Study Workshop is based on a fictional court case investigating the murder of a young person. We cover a range of topics throughout, and young people are the ‘police’ and assess the evidence to then make an informed decision on who they feel was responsible for the murder and why.

We have a barrister who assists in assessing the presentation of each case.

Feedback from delivery of the Case Studies to students revealed the following:

  • Over 86% said that they felt the programme should be part of their school curriculum
  • Over 88% felt confident they could spot signs of grooming
  • Over 90% said they would recognise signs of gang exploitation
  • Over 93% said that they felt more informed and equipped in being able to keep themselves safe in their community
  • Over 98% said that if they knew someone at risk of serious violence or exploitation, they would tell someone and that they knew where to get help

After School Support

We deliver a number of after school programmes which are engaging and empowering for the young people. Our team has years of experience of ensuring that we build strong and meaningful relationships with those that we work with and provide young people with enriching activities.

If you would like more information about the services we can provide in your school please contact us at the details below