Parental Support

'It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.'

As parents we often find ourselves in situations with our young people that are beyond our control. We understand that peer pressure can have a massive pull on a young person.  As such, parents find themselves in difficult stressful times and often do not know where to turn.  We do not judge the parents that are struggling but rather offer them support, advice, advocacy, and guidance.

We do this through one-on-one conversations, group sessions, and workshops. We can support and advocate for parents on subjects such as school exclusions, CAMHS referrals, mental health diagnosis, negative behaviour and a variety of other issues that affect families.  We support parents through the criminal court process, often this is the first time that the parents have experienced dealing with the police, solicitors, YOI and Prisons. We share our knowledge and experience with the parents to give them the best possible options for their situation.

We go out and speak to the authorities, engage with the Police, and the wider community to gain a broader understanding of some of the issues our YP are faced with and to also hear it from the other side. This forms part of one of our objectives of bridging the gap.